Dedicated Nutrition - Dedicated Pack


Brand: Dedicated Nutrition


The ultimate training pack
Dedicated Pack™ is the ultimate, most complete and highest dosed training pack on the planet. By uniquely dividing the daily dosage in an AM and PM serving, nutrient timing and utilization are vastly improved. 
Vitamins & minerals are not only needed for optimal health, they are essential for anyone looking to build muscle, lose fat, increase performance and overall well being. Dedicated Pack™ contains a complete range of very unique forms of vitamins and minerals in a specific ratio to guarantee optimal utilization. By adding a complete range of other nutrients to Dedicated Pack™, its health increasing and performance enhancing effects are increased exponentially.
Dedicated Pack™ was designed with the serious athlete in mind and only contains ingredients that work synergistically together. Dedicated Pack™ contains only research proven and patented forms of each ingredient. Dedicated Pack™ contains a complete spectrum of added exclusive performance enhancing ingredients like our unique Epo-Drol™, Super Grape™ and Echinacea Extract. As optimal dosage is important, but maximal absorption is king, we’ve added the patented absorption enhancers Bioperine® and AstraGin™ to truly supercharge Dedicated Pack™.
**Disclaimer: Results stated may vary and are as part of a well maintained diet and exercise program.