Dedicated Nutrition Enigma


Brand: Dedicated Nutrition


Dedicated Enigma™ is the ultimate natural non-hormonal performance & lean muscle enhancing product on the planet. Designed for serious male and female athletes wanting to break down their genetic barriers and take their gainz to the next level.
Enigma™ truly represents the next phase in safe, natural but incredibly effective supplements. Gone are the days of hoping for any kind of gainz from a product. Enigma™ will build muscle, increase strength and performance in record breaking time unlike any other (natural) product. Best of all, Enigma™ is natural, safe and even proven very healthy in various studies. The only side effects users reported were incredible muscle pumps and increased vascularity. Even better is that the gainz made from Enigma™ will not diminish once you stop using the product. Enigma™ gainz are permanent!
Enigma™ works by increasing Follistatin which in course decreases Myostatin. Myostatin naturally limits the amount of muscle mass we can build. By reducing Myostatin we can thus cheat our genetics by allowing more muscle to be built while less muscle is being broken down. Enigma™ was designed for everyone that is fed up with being held back by their genetics. Use Enigma™ and F#CK genetics!
Enigma™ features as its key ingredient a monster dose of real Epicatechin naturally derived from Green Tea. Enigma™ could very well be the highest dosed Epicatechin product on the planet. And, as with all other Dedicated products, quality and dosage matter! Although Epicatechin is a ground breaking performance enhancing compound, it is extremely poor absorbed. By fusing natural Epicatechin with EGCG Green Tea extract, our unique Cocoa extract Cocoa-Drol™, the flavonoid Quercetine and the patented absorption enhancers Bioperine® and Astragin®; we unlock its true potential. Never before have you been able to experience the real muscle building, fat burning, performance enhancing, pump increasing and all round awesomeness of Myostatin!
In true Dedicated Nutrition spirit, Enigma™ contains a fully disclosed epicly dosed formula. We do not have to hide behind fancy “proprietary blends” that basically do not tell the truth about actual ingredients and dosages. By actually controlling the cultivation of our own ingredients, we at Dedicated can guarantee an industry leading standard untouchable by anyone else. We also guarantee a constant quality with each and every batch, something that is unheard of as well with any herbal formulation available today.
2 capsules is all it takes for Enigma™ to increase performance, strength, endurance and ignite an anabolic vascular pump unlike ever before. The longer you will use it, the more pronounced the gainz will be. Use it for fat burning or to build monstrous muscle mass and strength, Enigma™ simply works for whatever purpose you want to use it. Get ready to pack on the pounds and weights like you never thought possible with a natural product.
Dedicated Enigma™; crack your genetic code and unleash your unlimited potential.
Suggested use: Take 1 capsule before breakfast and an additional capsule 6 hours later on an empty stomach.
Suggested use on training days: Take 2 capsules 30 min before your workout. 
Caution: Taking Enigma™ with regular food can hinder absorption and thus results.