BPI Sports Essential 9 Plant Based Aminos


Brand: BPI Sports

ESSENTIAL 9™ isn't your typical muscle recovery supplement, it combines nine essential amino acids with Citrulline for the ultimate lean muscle-building and recovery formula.

  • Nine essential amino acids + Citrulline
  • Muscle repair & recovery
  • Lean muscle growth & prevents muscle breakdown
  • Oligopeptide technology for optimal absorption & efficiency
  • MUSCLE RECOVERY The newest BPI Sports amino supplement features all the essential aminos (including BCAAs) to allow your body to repair properly and recover faster.

    LEAN MUSCLE BUILDING ESSENTIAL 9™ promotes lean muscle growth by helping to increase protein synthesis. It also prevents the breakdown of muscle (catabolism), so that your efforts in the gym pay off.

    PERFORMANCE AND ENDURANCE The amino supplement’s performance-boosting ingredients including Citrulline help open blood vessels to increase oxygen and nutrient flow, which may result in increased pumps, endurance and overall performance.

    OLIGOPEPTIDE TECHNOLOGY ESSENTIAL 9™ uses the same oligopeptide-enzymatic technology as BPI Sports’ BEST BCAA™, helping to bind amino acids together, so they can be more easily transported into the muscle for optimal absorption and more efficiency.