BPI Sports Best Protein Bar


Brand: BPI Sports


The new BPI Sports Best Protein Bar™ packs an unrivaled punch of mouthwatering flavor, smooth texture and a quality proteins including whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate and whey powder.
  • Soft and delicious
  • 20g of protein
  • 15g-17g fiber (no corn fiber)
  • Zero trans fat
  • Gluten free
Best taste, best texture
No microwave needed here! The Best Protein Bar™ boasts delicious chunks of cookies, chocolate and other mouthwatering goodness. Plus, it comes in four delicious flavors including S’mores and Cookies and Cream.
Healthy On-the-Go snack
The ideal protein source for those with busy schedules, as a meal replacement or a quick, healthy snack. It’s soft and chewy, so you can replenish energy levels in a delicious way.

The ideal protein source for on-the-go, speedy muscle recovery post workout. It’s soft and chewy, so you can recharge and repair in a tasty, delicious way.